Reading & writing

"Sunisa started a book club outside of class for those who wished to expand upon the material we had learned during class. She never hesitated to try a different approach in the classroom if she thought it would benefit the students more. She’s definitely one of the most highly dedicated and knowledgeable teachers I have had."

  • Caitlin Harjes is now a student at UC Berkeley.

"Sunisa uses extremely relevant texts to conjure the student’s imagination and intellectual curiosity. She’s endlessly aware of the many different styles of learning and I’ve witnessed her ease in adapting to meet students’ varied needs. Sunisa is accessible, consistent, fair, and employs a deft instinct for spurring her pupil’s insights."

  • Ray Mason is working on his transfer application from Berkeley City College.


"I attribute my senior year successes to the time Sunisa and I spent delving into my personhood and her guidance on managing inner conflict and peace, especially as a young adult and a woman of color.

In a manner that was relatable, raw, and genuine, Sunisa took great care to enhance my personal well-being based on the understanding that success in other areas of life would only follow from introspection and harmony with the inner self."

  • Eimi Satoh is a Class of 2017 graduate of Brown University.

college entrance essay

Sunisa employed her incredible relationship with words to sharpen the lens with which I sought to portray myself on paper. Her feedback, critical yet always encouraging, allowed me to voice my narrative in a way that authentically captured my character. As a result, I gained acceptance to my first choice graduate program.

  • Eimi Satoh, Brown '17 and Oxford University Masters of Education candidate.