In addition to teaching at Berkeley City college, Sunisa offers private coaching to students living in the East Bay.


  • Instructor in the English Department of Berkeley City College.
  • MFA in Fiction with a postgraduate semester in essay writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.
  • BA in English Literature and Expository Writing from Brown University.
  • Co-founder of Women’s Launch Pad, a program that's paired over 1,500 Brown students with alumnae.

Coaching options


1. college entrance essay

These sessions hone a personal statement that authentically captures the student’s unique voice and background.

  • We’ll begin by working on active reading strategies
  • Move to generative writing exercises
  • Shift into assignments that play with voice and thesis.

The student will have the chance to brainstorm three essay ideas before we pick one and refine it, pushing it into stellar territory.

2. Mentoring

Mentoring goes beyond an academic relationship to encompass topics like academic aspirations and pressure, friendship, dating and body image.

  • The goal is for them to progress into personal terrain.

  • There’s leeway to take hikes, cook, and do activities broader than the classroom.

  • The emphasis is on a healthy body, mindful focus, and generous spirit.

Mentoring allows for a friendly yet wise, informal yet measured relationship. Its specifics vary widely because it is so personal.

  • The sessions are designed for students who need an outlet, want an ally, and are looking for a friend.

  • Mentoring time often leads to successful work on the college essay.

  • Sunisa has found particularly fruitful relationships happen with young women of color, Asian and Asian American women, aspiring writers and artists, and young folks who tend to be hard on themselves.

At the kickoff to Women's Launch Pad in 2015 with Sunisa's mentee.

At the kickoff to Women's Launch Pad in 2015 with Sunisa's mentee.

Reading from her novel at the open house for Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin.

Reading from her novel at the open house for Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin.

3. reading & writing

There’s no greater predictor of how a student will perform in college than their reading abilities. Sunisa specializes in getting students to read. She draws on a buffet of snappy short stories, poems and essays written by writers of diverse American and international extraction.

  • Weekly reading assignments are accompanied by short writing responses to get a student to start to tune into their own reaction to a work.

  • This is expounded upon in coaching sessions where we go beyond a literary approach to mine a text’s emotional impact. This helps create a love of reading, and a real engagement with work.

  • Critical thinking skills are built up through the sessions. We focus on identifying assumptions and implications of a non-fiction argument and how to compare and use multiple perspectives.


  • $150/hour for Mentorship and Reading & Writing.

  • $180/hour for the College Essay. These sessions can be done in small groups if students already know each other.

All tutoring requires a 5-session commitment after the initial consultation.

This allows Sunisa to develop a meaningful connection with her students. Sessions can then be tailored to meet student interests and needs, and provides the foundation for transformative work.

Timing & Location

  • Hours are flexible after noon on weekdays depending on the student’s availability and Sunisa’s teaching schedule.
  • Sunisa prefers to meet at her house in Kensington, but this is negotiable depending on where each student lives.

We’re interested

Please use the contact form to get in touch with Sunisa.  

She’ll set up an initial phone call, after which she can decide to offer an in-person, one-hour session free of charge.

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